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Preparing for the toughest Women’s only endurance event

Today, I begin my 37th week of my second pregnancy and so far I am thankful that all has gone quite well. When I found out we were expecting, I had my first triathlon race of the year scheduled for the next morning and I wasn’t about to postpone it. Although it wasn’t my main race event of the year, im not the type of person that doesn’t show up last-minute. I wanted to make this race mark the beginning of a healthy and active pregnancy. Here are a few tips that have helped me stay active and healthy throughout most of my pregnancy leading up to the toughest endurance event, labor!

Have a routine, but don’t even think about it

As soon as we found our new home in England, we found a gym to belong to. I made sure they had good crèche for Issy and found the classes that I would most like to attend. I initially started with 3 spin classes a week and 1 swim. As I got bigger, I went to 2 spin classes and swam twice. By my third trimester, I was swimming 4 times a week as my main workout. I made it part of my routine to have exercise out of the way before 11am and would almost robotically get Issy and myself into the car and to the gym without thinking about it. As soon as I started to think about it, I’d try to find excuses of why I should not workout that day.

Listen to your body. Don’t push through the pain.

If you are one of those who regularly push your limits to do even better the next day, you probably have the mentality of “no pain, no gain”. I sure do. But this mentality cannot be trusted during pregnancy. When spinning for instance, I tried to do most of what the instructor asked of us but if I watched my posture and hydration. If I had any pain, I would slow down and take it easy. If I didn’t feel well that day, I would skip the morning gym and instead take my dog out for a long walk to the coffee shop at a very relaxed pace. Many women who are used to training for endurance events often forget that pregnancy isn’t the time to be training but rather should be a time to keep active for the health of herself and that of her growing baby. You’ll have enough time post pregnancy to get back in to shape again.

Fuel up on what is good for you

Being pregnant can take up quite a lot of you. It’s very important that you maintain your nutrient levels high during this time, especially if you are also exercising.  At the beginning of my pregnancy I was extremely exhausted, moody and even found myself feeling down several times. All I wanted to do was sleep, which sounds perfectly normal for a pregnant woman, but it may not be the case. For me, this was a result of anemia. PD went and got me a liquid iron supplement called spatone which I highly recommend. The effects of it were immediate. I felt energized once again. Along with an iron supplement, I took an omega 3 tablet and my prenatal vitamins. You must be religious about this and try not to let pregnancy dementia have you wondering if you took it already. Usually PD is the one checking up on me to make sure I’ve taken my vitamins. Lastly, remember to drink plenty of water.

Some last words for thought…

The most important thing to be sure to do during pregnancy is to enjoy every moment of it. It really is a beautiful thing to experience.Staying active and eating healthy during this time will help you and your growing baby  tremendously, but remember to cut yourself some slack at times and take it easy when you want to rest. When you have had your baby finally, celebrate with a nice relaxing jog solo or with your partner and finish with something you have been craving but can’t have.. For me that was a flight of delicious beers in Kona, Hawai’i. Stay active and enjoy your pregnancy!


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