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Fun ways to keep your kids active indoors

As the weather gets cooler and wetter, it becomes harder to let your kids play outdoors. In fact, this is the season that most start putting on weight with increased time indoors lazing around the house. Here are some fun suggestions on ways to keep your kids active and off the couch when it’s too wet to be outdoors.

 1) Crafting with a purpose

If you have empty cans with lids or juice bottles, wash them out and get your paints out. Create fun maracas to be used for an indoor dance party.

1) Add a few dried beans or rice to the bottle.

2) Use newspaper and glue to cover your empty juice bottle.

3) Paint you bottle to your heart’s content!

4) Let dry before using.

Once your Eco-friendly instruments are ready, blast the music and dance around! Your kids will love every moment of it.

2) Play house

If it’s one of those busy days where you just have a million things on your to do list, get your children involved. Young children love to mimic their parents. My daughter always gets her mini vacuum and follows me around as I vacuum. You might feel that letting your child help out will only drag on your work, if so, give them easy tasks like putting away the toys or make up something for them to do that is fairly simple. The purpose here is to find ways to keep your kids off the couch and active. Afterwards, reward your child and YOU for a healthy frozen yoghurt with fruits.

3) Follow the leader through the obstacle course!

Creating an obstacle course at home does not have to be a messy one. Use your imagination and pretend each room is a different place, like the Living JUNGLE Room where you will have to jump up and down across the room like a gecko and then hurry through the Dinning CAVE room where you have to crawl under the chairs to avoid the big grizzly bear. Engage as many rooms as you can and encourage exploration and use of imagination.

4) Story Time!

The brain is a muscle as well and very well worth keeping active. Round up your kids and get a few favorite books and read away. In this spooky month of Halloween , you can get a few chairs and a big blanket and make a mini tent for you to read the spooky books. Don’t you remember doing this when you were a child? Wasn’t it loads of fun?

If you have the luxury of being home with your child all day, don’t spend it in front of a computer or TV. We all have things to do, perhaps a home business as well. Don’t get over consumed with inundating emails, or work stuff. Remind yourself constantly that family comes first and be proactive about it. Become a teacher to your kids and engage them in fun daily activities to exercise their body, their brain and most importantly their childhood imagination.

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